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bespoke wedding invitations

It all started when I realized grocery stores hired people to paint windows…

I vividly remember noticing the seasonal window paintings at the local grocer: pumpkins carefully painted with swirling fall leaves and intertwining vines the length of the storefront. It dawned on me as a young child that some human had created that. That somehow, some way, there was a person who made a living painting windows.

I wanted to become that person.

Fast-forward several decades, and I finally figured out how to create art that lights me up and adds value to your life. A symbiotic relationship that beautifies, communicates, enlightens, and adds value and cohesiveness to your event.

And I love it.

Let’s take your vision for the most important day of your life and make it a reality. And I’ll do all the heavy lifting.


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Carly is the Absolute BEST!! She brought the most gorgeous ideas for my wedding invitations that I HAD to have her design the menus, signs, and plate settings for my wedding day!! She was so easy and fun to work with! When sometimes wedding planning can be overwhelming she always seem to put me at ease and get me excited for what was to come! She is professional and extremely talented!

— JEN H.


Custom Wedding Invitations


I’m Carly: an artist, calligrapher, and graphic designer. 

I take your words and make them visually beautiful for weddings, events, businesses, or your home.

I have a mild obsession with quality art supplies, love the feel of fine paper on my fingertips, and rarely leave the art store empty-handed. I obsess over the shape and color of envelopes, and silently (sometimes audibly) cheer as completed projects get neatly packaged and carefully stacked in a perfectly organized pile. 

I juggle but cherish the many roles I fill on a day-to-day (sometimes second-to-second) basis, and often divide my attention between my work, my relationships (including my incredible husband), homeschooling my four children, church and community responsibilities, personal development, and long-distance running.


Carly Allred Studio


I obsess over the tiny details that tell your story, and look for ways to add well-executed “Easter eggs” to your project. I want you to see the design and gasp because it is so perfectly and wonderfully YOU that you can’t wait to share it with your friends and loved ones (spoiler alert: your friends/loved ones will share it too!).

So let’s do this! 

As a full-service stationery business, I’ll take the whole load off your plate, help you create a beautifully cohesive design that acts as the foundation for the rest of your day, and get you back to spending time with that fiancé(e) of yours! 


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Creating full-service stationery and signage design is a process that allows me to tap into the deeply ingrained creativity that is part of my soul.

Using my background in illustration, modern calligraphy, and graphic design, paired with a killer eye for detail, I tie together an event using elements weaved throughout your guests’ experience. They will arrive knowing what to expect, understand your vision, and leave feeling that you threw an event that was luxurious, complete, and cohesive.

Whatever options you choose, I will take your words, ideas, and budget, and work to make sure your suite and signage is visually cohesive, thorough, and beautiful.

Because you already have so much on your plate…let me take this one for you.


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Carly’s work is exceptional! Working with her was a pleasure. She brought the most gorgeous ideas for my wedding. She takes her time, guiding you from the beginning to end of the process. I had an idea of what I wanted and she ran with it and made it a beautiful reality. Thank you for your professionalism, guidance and creativity!